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Heri, Hodie, Cras

An Exhibition by Stephan Doitschinoff
Date: September 21, 2012–October 14, 2012
Location: Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin
Vernissage: September 21, 2012, 18:00–21:00
The artist will be present.

Gestalten is pleased to present Heri, Hodie, Cras, a solo exhibition by Stephan Doitschinoff. The artist is widely considered to be one of the leading talents on the Brazilian art scene and his work is shown in museums and galleries worldwide. Doitschinoff’s art is based on a deeply symbolic code language and iconoclastic religious and folkloric elements. He offers acid critiques of our modern society that provide glimpses into another political and philosophical dimension. His paintings and other work go beyond superficial religious references to illustrate narratives of denunciation, renunciation, and affirmation.

Heri, Hodie, Cras—Latin for yesterday, today, tomorrow—is Stephan Doitschinoff’s first show in Berlin. The exhibition features new canvases, drawings, and multiples incorporated into a mixed-media installation along with two of his short films. These films, titled Brilho do Sol (“Sunshine”) and Tudo é Vaidade (“All is Vanity”), document performances he gave in São Paolo in 2010 and Lisbon in 2011.

By embracing his eclectic influences, Stephan Doitschinoff creates a unique visual language and style. His themes are inspired by an informed spiritual history and heritage that is rich in symbolism and his work is often accompanied by Latin text. Doitschinoff’s installation Novo Asceticismo (“New Asceticism”), for example, reflects on the sacrifice and deprivation necessary for modern man to live purely, without feeling alienated or falling into the vices, mental traps, and social conditioning of contemporary society. Other pieces are also permeated by themes of asceticism, albeit one redefined to reflect the political issues of our time. Additional concepts explore new ways to practice austerity and self-discipline in regard to sexuality and the body as well as contemporary Shamanism.

In conjunction with the show, Gestalten is releasing the artist’s second monograph, CRAS. The book showcases paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances that were created over the last four years. It includes impressive close-ups that capture the detail and complexity of Stephan Doitschinoff’s work. CRAS is designed by Pedro Inoue, who was also responsible for the look of Doitschinoff’s first monograph, Calma. Together, Inoue and Doitschinoff developed a series of illuminated texts specifically for CRAS that illustrate the artist’s philosophy and symbology.

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Stephan Doitschinoff is a self-taught artist who was born in 1977 in São Paulo, Brazil, where he is currently based. As the son of an Evangelical minister, Doitschinoff spent his childhood absorbing the visual vocabulary of religious art. As an artist, he has developed his own unique language and style through imagery that creatively combines Afro-Brazilian folklore with Baroque religious iconography, as well as Alchemic and Pagan symbolism.

Doitschinoff previously created work in the public realm using the street alias Calma (Portuguese for calm), which is also a shortened version of con alma (Latin for with soul). A stunning example of this work is the site-specific public project that Doitschinoff created in the Brazilian countryside of Bahia that embraced the entire surrounding community where he lived from 2005 to 2008. Today, exhibits at museums and galleries in the US, Brazil, and Europe, including a the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP) or the Museum of Contemporary Arts of San Diego (MACSD), reflect the increasing appeal and prestige of Stephan Doitschinoff’s work in the eyes of international media, art critics, and the general public.


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