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Money for Old Rope – Book Cover Redesign

Two-day Workshop with David Pearson
Date: October 14–15, 2013
Time: 10:00–19:00
Location: Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin
Language: English
Limited to 20 participants
Participation Fee:


Famous for reviving classic literature with a modern approach, London-based designer David Pearson specializes in creating astonishing type-driven and pattern-led book covers. Now a publisher at White’s Books, he spent five years with Penguin Books where he designed numerous depictive classic series, including Penguin by Design, Penguin Great Loves, and Penguin Great Ideas series.

Working together with David Pearson in this two-day intensive workshop, participants will be able to create and develop their own book cover project by undertaking a step-by-step design process—from initial research and typesetting to group reviews and final visuals.

Book cover design is a form of commercial art. From spine width and layout, to colors and typography, all elements come together to portray one major idea of what the book is about. The perfectly calibrated cover, upon first sight, ought to be eye-catching, idiosyncratic, yet lucid and open-minded, allowing readers to use their imagination to depict the stories and characters in the book. Conclusively, the more attractive the book cover the greater sales it will translate into.

This workshop will cover the unmistaken techniques and principles for creating a compelling cover design. Participants will be asked to pinpoint a cover—or series of covers—which they deem worthy of a makeover and repackage it with a modern (yet utilitarian) approach under the guidance of David Pearson. For every stage of design development, participants will undergo a revising process through group interaction and critiquing. These discussion sessions held in a collaborative environment will help participants evaluate and refine their designs and progress to the next level until the amazing book cover is born.

So come prepared: With the means to make great cover art and to voice your opinions!

This workshop is great for designers who are interested in book cover design or self-publishers who need guidance on coming up with an enticing cover look.

Requirements: Participants should bring their own laptop with Adobe Creative Suite or equivalent installed.



* Please read the 
Terms & Conditions before registering.

About the host

David Pearson

David Pearson is London-based designer working in all areas of print, specifically in book design and branding. Famous for reviving classic literature with a modern approach, Pearson specializes in creating austere yet astonishing type-driven and pattern-led cover design. Now a publisher at White’s Books, Pearson spent five years with Penguin Books then where he designed numerous successful and depictive classic series. Pearson’s works have been recognized by D&AD, Design Museum, and Creative Review, and in 2007, the Guardian included him in their list of Top 50 British Designers. 

His signature works include Penguin by Design, Pocket Penguins, Penguin Great Loves, Penguin Great Journeys, Penguin Reference, and Penguin Great Ideas series.

Pearson’s works have been featured in Gestalten books including Fully Booked and Fully Booked: Ink on Paper.


Gestalten Space

Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin
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Opening Hours
Monday–Saturday 12:00–19:00 

+49 (0)30 20 21 58 21

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