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Numen / For Use

True Grids
Posted by Gestalten—02/2012

Under their group moniker Numen, Industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković focus on experimental architecture and spatial installations, meanwhile concentrating on designing objects as their second alias For Use. The Croatian/Austrian collective might be best known for the huge accessible tape installations they realized in Melbourne, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt and Belgrade so far. We met Christoph Katzler in the Belgian town of Hasselt where he talked about the evolution of their true grids from ephemeral tape to permanent net (materialized in the Net Z33), the social aspect of their work as featured in Learn for Life: New Architecture for New Learning and why hell doesn't need to be hot to give you an idea of infinity.


The Shape of Things to Come
Posted by Gestalten—04/2014

An international survey of the world's most exciting and influential furniture designers today.

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Once Upon a Chair

Design Beyond the Icon
Posted by Gestalten—08/2013

A global up-to-the-minute survey on contemporary furniture design – a reference to the best designers today.

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Learn for Life

Posted by Gestalten—12/2015

New spaces for new learning—not just in kindergartens, schools, and universities.

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Alva Noto's "UNITXT u_08-1"

Music Video
Posted by Gestalten—08/2009

If only all vending machines worked like this.

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Tokyo Fiber '09-Senseware

Art from Highly-Evolved Artificial Fibers
Posted by Gestalten—08/2009

With a whopping 38,000 visitors pronouncing its success at La Triennale di Milano last April, Tokyo Fiber '09-Senseware returns to Tokyo for a much-anticipated opening.

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MTV Swatch Playground

The Next Generation of Creative Talent
Posted by Gestalten—08/2009

Swatch MTV Playground is offering the chance to become part of a community that connects the most exciting and innovative creative talent from across the globe.

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Biblioteq New Store

Posted by Gestalten—08/2009

When did all start ?

End of 2006. We recently moved to a new location.

What was the reason behind the opening of the store?

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