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Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is firm. Since 2008, Gestalten is a climate neutral company. We collaborate with the internationally certified non-profit carbon offset provider myclimate to neutralize the company’s carbon footprint produced through our worldwide business activities. These include the carbon output from our office in Berlin, our warehouses, production processes, the transportation of books from the printing houses to our international warehouses as well as our distribution partners, and the individual travel and commuting of all company personnel. 

Through myclimate, Gestalten invests in the expansion of renewable and energy efficient CO2
technology by supporting projects that directly reduce greenhouse gasses and contribute to sustainable growth in the developing world including
the building of the first wind energy plant in Madagascar and biogas plants in Nepal organized by the World Wild Life Fund Nepal. .

Quality Products

Gestalten is dedicated to producing high quality publications that are environmentally friendly and resource efficient. Paper is a valuable resource and to prove our commitment to producing sustainable books, since 2001, the company has been using internationally certified paper accepted by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for environmental protection in all of our products. 

The FSC seal guarantees paper products coming from responsibly managed forests. To further ensure the quality of our publications, we also work with certified printing houses in Europe and Asia that follow international standards for quality and safety that comply with sustainable, economical and ecological production processes (environment management system ISO 14001) to reduce impact on the environment.