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Ask Not What Your Furniture Can Do for You

Dada Artist Nils Holger Moormann Lets Us Know Why
Posted by Gestalten—11/2016

If our furniture could talk, what would they say? As some of our most intimate companions, they remain privy to a level of disclosure that even our closest loved ones might not breach: our beds hold us as we sleep, and our doors know not to mention how early or late we finally leave the house each morning. In our new book Ask Not What Your Furniture Can Do for You, artist Nils Holger Moorman offers a Dada guide to improving our relationships with the objects around us. The book presents instructions in both German and English on how to better approach a chair as a support object, or how to learn to swim with a bed. Browse and buy Ask Not What Your Furniture Can Do for You.

Browse and buy Ask Not What Your Furniture Can Do for You

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