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A Guide for the Modern Graphic Designer

How to Craft Contemporary Visual Identities, Logos, and Corporate Designs
Posted by Gestalten—10/2015

Designers constantly create products, campaigns, publications, logos, packaging, and cross-platform corporate designs that initiate a continuous dialogue and push the limits of what is possible creatively.

We assembled a selection of books that will help you challenge your own creativity. The books offer insight into what the vanguards of design are thinking, saying, and doing. Whether you're working in the hospitality industry, building a brand in the start-up scene, or taking charge of a theater’s creative direction, you will most certainly find some inspiration for your project in this selection of books for the modern graphic designer.



Knife and Fork showcases original and unconventional visual identities from the world of eating, drinking, and hospitality. The highlighted cases prove that even small enterprises can create big design concepts despite limited budgets. The book explores how clever corporate identities can help new or niche businesses succeed and inspire anyone thinking about founding their own company, redefining an existing one, or simply trying to be unforgettable in the service industry. Get the book.



Start Me Up! is a compendium of innovative corporate design for the new generation of entrepreneurs. Brimming with imaginative business ideas including a turban tailor and an artistically ambitious mattress manufacturer, it presents brands that break away from stereotypes using their visual identities. From a beauty parlor in Singapore’s cutting edge logotype to a whisky distillery in Finland with high-quality packaging, Start Me Up! showcases some of the best in branding from around the world. Get the book. 



This book takes an insider’s look at one of graphic design’s most ample playgrounds: working for cultural institutions. One would be hard pressed to find another area of graphic design in which the work is so fresh and experimental and which so often serves as a precursor for future visual trends across the field. Get the book.



Winkreative Design Stories is a journey through the history of Tyler Brûlé’s global design agency. Highlighting a selection of projects from relaunching national carrier Swiss International Air Lines to rebranding Thailand as a magnet for international business, the book spans several continents and covers an impressive roster of premium clients. Get the book.



Los Logos 7 is the authoritative reference on contemporary logo design worldwide. Like the previous editions of Gestalten’s Los Logos series, the book is both a guide to the latest innovations as well as a precursor to coming trends. A practical handbook of the current developments in logo design and an up-to-the-minute source of inspiration, Los Logos 7 is a must-have for any designer, brand manager, trend spotter, or marketing strategist. Get the book.



Full of the fundamental information that designers need to know to thrive in their ever-expanding field, The Little Know-It-All is both a stimulating reference for students and a trusty companion for professionals. Whether you’re looking to update your color theory or delve deeper into the world of designing print materials, The Little Know-It-All is a practical guide to the new media landscape. The recently updated edition has been expanded to include social media, search engine marketing, and mobile devices. Get the book.


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