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Lunica by Thomas Hirter

A New Font from Subtitle to Headliner
Posted by Gestalten—09/2014

"Of course type is important! One can't prove it, that's all."

A typography layman interviews Erik Spiekermann.
Posted by Gestalten—08/2014

Hello, I am Erik—The First-Ever Visual Biography of Erik Spiekermann

Book Launch, Talk and Signing Event in Berlin

A Crafty Outline Stencil Sans

Designed by Martin Aleith, the new Gestalten font QUANTEN combines geometric design with calligraphic elegance. In a new interview with Aleith, we leave aside the standard questions and talk in depth about the actual design process of his new font.
Posted by Gestalten—07/2014

Hello, I am Erik

The German Letterman
Posted by Angie—07/2014 meets with Erik Spiekermann, who has been “suffering from typomania” all his life. 

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Know Our Families

Gestalten Fonts on Gestalten Books
Posted by Gestalten—06/2014

It has been 11 years since we launched Gestalten Fonts. Our independent foundry now features over 120 contemporary typefaces

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New Gestalten Font: Paiper

Interview with Designer Diana Ovezea
Posted by Gestalten—06/2014

We are very delighted to announce our new type family Paiper, created by Romanian designer and rising typography star Diana Ovezea.

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A Display Typeface by Elena Schneider
Posted by Gestalten—05/2014

Developed by designer Elena Schneider, our new Gestalten font Paroli is a lively, easy-to-use type family that was originally drawn as a ludic counterpart of Eskorte, Schneider’s debut release in 2013.

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David Pearson

Book Cover Art on Show
Posted by Gestalten—05/2014

Famous for reviving classic literature with a modern approach, acclaimed British designer David Pearson not only played a key role for Penguin Books’ reissued classics, but also won numerous prestigious awards for his cover design.

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High Times

Font by Tilo Pentzin
Posted by Gestalten—05/2014

High Times takes its inspiration from the eras of Art Deco and Art Nouveau but with a radically contemporary approach.

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Type Talk in Berlin

Books in the Digital Age
Posted by Gestalten—04/2014

The 10th edition of Berlin's Type Talk series will take place next Tuesday, April 29 at Apple Store Kurfürstendamm.

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New Font: Rigate

A Font Choice for Visual Identity
Posted by Gestalten—04/2014

Our newly released font Rigate is a tender yet straight script typeface—available in two weights and multiple ligatures.

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Quo Vadis, Editorial Design?

Conference in Munich
Posted by Gestalten—02/2014

Treats for the eye; thoughtless; thirst for knowledge—Where do we go from here? Quo Vadis, Editorial Design?, namely QVED, a six-day editorial design conference has just opened its door in Munich today.

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Iteration in Type Design: Taking a Typeface from a Good Idea to a Great Tool

Two-Day Workshop with Christian Schwartz

Considered as one of the most prolific American type designers today, Christian Schwartz is the founder of award-winning design studio Schwartzco, specializing in customizing typefaces for corporate identities and publications.

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Yearbook of Type

by Slanted
Posted by Gestalten—07/2013

The independent compendium, The Yearbook of Type, offers a high quality selection of more than 180 digital typefaces.

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Ltd. Edition 2013

Exhibition in Zurich
Posted by Gestalten—06/2013

The annual Limited Edition Zürich kicks off this Friday for a weekend-long festival of surrealistic illustration, typography, sculpture, and crafts.

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Call for Type

Gestalten Fonts selected
Posted by Gestalten—05/2013

With no doubt, the coming weekend in Mainz is dedicated to type!

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Designed for a Manifesto
Posted by Gestalten—05/2013

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then our new font Catalog is a tribute to all the classic serif typefaces.

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Exhibition at Bauhaus Archive Berlin
Posted by Gestalten—05/2013

The current show at Bauhaus Archive reveals why the discourse on historic and contemporary type is not only interesting to design experts.

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Simple Shape, Low Contrast, Slight Tapering
Posted by Gestalten—04/2013

Here comes the new addition to the Gestalten foundry.

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Luca Barcellona

Group Exhibition in Weil am Rhein
Posted by Gestalten—04/2013

Until April 27th you can still see Luca Barcellona's work at Colab Gallery's ongoing group exhibition Don't Forget to Write.

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New Font: Prell

Our Newest Typeface is a Humanist Sans Serif
Posted by Gestalten—03/2013

Cheeky and flirtatious, yet conservative and deliberate, Prell was created to reflect the artist Norbert Prell’s personality like a self-portrait.

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Type in the 21st Century

An Exhibition in Leipzig
Posted by Gestalten—03/2013

The exhibition at the Museum of Print Art presents a diverse selection of type and letterform reflecting the radical changes that have taken place in the practice of typeface design since the digital revolution of the late century.

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The Art of Data-based Visual Narratives

Two-Day Infographics Workshop with Nicholas Felton

Nicholas Felton is a leader in the field of information visualization and personal data tracking. He is famous for his Personal Annual Reports, which charted his personal life in detail into beautifully minimal infographics compiled into annual-report format, weaving numerous measurements into a tapestry of graphs, maps, and statistics that reflect the year’s activities.

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Font Update

The New T-Star Pro Version 3.0
Posted by Gestalten—02/2013

Plain, smooth, and technical, just as designer Michael Mischler intended, the new T-Star Pro is greatly refined and optimized.

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Jessica Hische–Letter Together

Two-Day Workshop

In this two-day intensive workshop, participants will work collaboratively with Jessica Hische to develop and create a full vector alphabet by the end of the two days.

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Two-Day Workshop with Julia Hoffmann (MoMA’s Design Studio, Creative Director)

Graphic and Communication Design for Cultural Institutions

Designing for cultural institutions is a challenge and no one tackles this in a more sophisticated way than the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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World’s Largest Graffiti

Latest Project by Santiago Sierra
Posted by Gestalten—11/2012

In October 2012, the letters “S.O.S.” were carved into the ground of Western Sahara/Algeria near the Saharaui refugee camp Smara.

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Gestalten Font Railbox

In Title Sequence of DC Comic Movie
Posted by Gestalten—11/2012

Created by Alexander Wise, Railbox is a robust stencil font.

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New Font: BERG

A Forceful Font Influenced by Bodily Impressions
Posted by Gestalten—11/2012

Berg’s formative personality embraces vigorous characteristics with a stunning uniqueness of winding traits.

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New Gestalten Font: Mevum

Strongly Grotesque Yet Warm and Simple
Posted by Gestalten—10/2012

Treating each letter as an individual element of a corporate logotype, Mevum makes a unique and fresh impression.

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Introducing Gestalten Webfonts

Now Available for Purchase Online
Posted by Gestalten—09/2012

With Gestalten Webfonts, create dynamic, search-engine friendly HTML text that renders beautifully on-screen and that preserves online brand identity. Gestalten Webfonts are now available via our partnership with FontShop International.

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Regular Is New Again

A bestselling font receives an update
Posted by Gestalten—07/2012

Regular, one of our bestselling font families, has been newly updated on Gestalten Fonts for greater functionality. Those who have already purchased the original version are eligible for a free upgrade.

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New Font: Canary

A playful script-type ideal for use with editorial illustrations
Posted by Gestalten—06/2012

Canary is a hybrid of left italic antiqua and brush painted script.

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New work by Jerome Corgier
Posted by Gestalten—06/2012

Jerome Corgier unveils his new project, for which he undressed type to discover its skeleton.

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Treza For Free

Font Giveaway in return for a tweet or a post
Posted by Gestalten—05/2012

Make a post and get the Treza typeface from the book Type Navigator.

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New Font: Gratis

by Martin Aleith
Posted by Gestalten—05/2012

Gratis is, as the name may suggest, not a free font, but instead a highly visible and recognizable blackletter typeface.

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Last Call!

To enter and win a FREE ticket to TYPO Berlin
Posted by Gestalten—04/2012

Competition closes on April 26th, 2012 at 18:00 Berlin time.

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New Plugin
Posted by Gestalten—04/2012

The FontShop Plugin Beta allows designers and other type enthusiasts to try out fonts directly in the context of their own artwork.

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New Font: Qalto

A rhythmic and vividly musical headline type
Posted by Gestalten—04/2012

Qalto flows and leaps like freestyle jazz. Suited as a strong title or headline font, the letters and ligatures are composed of very thin hairlines and very thick elements.

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Das Craft-Bier Buch in the December 14 issue of Welt am Sonntag.

Das Craft-Bier Buch recommended in the September issue of EssPress.

Berlin Wonderland featured on Fine Fine Books.

I am Dandy recommended in Elle Decoration's January 2015 issue.

Original Man on AnOther.

The Monocle Guide to Good Business featured on Trendland. "True to Monocle’s house style the book is immaculately curated with a
perfect balance of writing, photos and illustrations all elegantly
design and printed on high-quality stock. And if reading this book
results in a loved one starting their dream business or enjoying more
their current job, then that’s a damn good Christmas present."

The Chopper reviewed on Actitudes Magazine.

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