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Win a Signed Copy of Show & Tell Me The World

Meet Our Recent Releases from Little Gestalten
Posted by Gestalten—11/2016

At Little Gestalten, we believe that a children’s book should spark children's imagination while also appeal to discerning adults. Our recent release Show & Tell Me The World is no exception from that rule. Oodles of painted images simultaneously explain daily life while welcoming readers of all ages to indulge in the details. Otto, the young furry protagonist, is seen on every page partaking in various daily activities. Each page of Show & Tell Me The World is filled with multitudinous details, which illustrator Tom Schamp has molded to suit both his bold style and the ever-insatiated curiosities of children.

You can win a copy of Show & Tell Me The World signed by author and illustrator Tom Schamp. To enter the giveaway and stay inspired with more titles for young readers, simply join our weekly newsletter by November 24 using the form below —this week’s edition will feature all of our recent Little Gestalten books. A winner will be selected at random, and contacted via the email provided.

UPDATE: We've found our winner. You can still join our weekly newsletter to keep up-to-date with our new releases, exclusive features, and more from the forefront of visual culture.

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Title image © Knoa Chung

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