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Emanuel Smedbøl Captures The Great Outdoors In Inspiring Images

Wanderlust in Vancouver
Posted by Gestalten—07/2015

Vancouver-based photographer Emanuel Smedbøl is a nature enthusiast and passionate outdoor lover, which becomes quite obvious when looking at his pictures. Inspired by the great outdoors, he captures remote areas, lakes, cabins, and a calm life amidst the forest and the mountains. As he shares, he “has always had an affinity for wild spaces and alternative living.” This rural upbringing, along with his diplomas in cultural anthropology and graphic design, continue to inform and influence his work. In 2014 he started the adventure blog Field & Forest with his girlfriend Megan, where they share stories and photoessays from the mountains and the road. You can follow him on Instagram or Tumblr.

Images © Emanuel Smedbøl

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