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De-Selfing by Hsin Wang

The Brooklyn-Based Photographer Shares What Heartbreak Looks Like
Posted by Gestalten—02/2016

In the direct aftermath of a breakup, questioning oneself is only natural. For artist Hsin Wang, the decision to immortalize these questions in a series of photographs was not one easily made. “I felt so naked, pained, but also so free when I worked on it,” she says. 

In De-Selfing, Wang’s heartbreak takes form as a series of symbolic acts with everyday objects that parlay the labors of love and loss. Each photograph is a subtle, gripping scene against a droll grey backdrop. Against the muted palette typical of Wang’s work, slight tensions of the skin and delicate gestures are amplified tenfold. The series presents a full survey of the nuanced pangs of sadness, hope, and confusion that the end of a relationship inspires. 

Images © Hsin Wang

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