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12 Very Special Interior Design Items

A selection of our favorite pieces from designers we have featured or discovered in our recent books.
Posted by Gestalten—08/2014

Fall, more than spring, is a time for home renewal, as the prospect of the cold season triggers nesting behavior and we tend to spend much more time indoors during winter anyway. Coinciding with the release of Gestalten's new architecture books, we have selected our top 12 interior design items by new talents and established designers we have featured in or discovered through our books over the years. All items are available at our Gestalten Stores in Berlin.

1 Wooden Plaid by Gestalten x Elisa Strozyk 

In her Wooden Textiles series, the up-and-coming German designer Elisa Strozyk explores soft tactile features of the otherwise hard material of wood, challenging and blurring what we expect from a wooden surface. By interweaving geometric wood paillettes with textile properties, she creates a flexible surface that can function in different three-dimensional shapes and behaviors, depending on the geometry and size of the tiles. The plaid can be used to be draped over any piece of furniture to form a surprising, eye-catching sculpture, while hung from the wall, the ombré colors of the wood lend beauty and warmth to any room. This item is available in our web shop. 

2 Towel Ladder by Menu 

We love a good all-rounder, and Menu’s towel ladder is a great example of a product that combines elegant beauty with usefulness and versatility. The aluminium-and-oak ladder was originally designed to hold bath towels, but it can just as easily be placed in the bedroom as a clothes rack, or in the hallway as a coat hanger. 

12. Carafe by Vij5
The carafe “Schenk” (Dutch for “pour”) turns serving water into a proper ritual. Inspired by the handle holding the string of a kite, the bottle has two grips that give it a both distinctive look and an intuitive touch: their position allows you to pour water in a controlled manner, dosed by a simple tilt movement. Plus, it’ll suddenly make this humble beverage the center of your table. 

3 Carafe by Vij5

The carafe “Schenk” (Dutch for “pour”) turns serving water into a proper ritual. Inspired by the handle holding the string of a kite, the bottle has two grips that give it a both distinctive look and an intuitive touch: their position allows you to pour water in a controlled manner, dosed by a simple tilt movement. Plus, it’ll suddenly make this humble beverage the center of your table. 

4 Patina Candlesticks by Gestalten x Lola Lely 

Lola Lely is a recent graduate of London’s Royal College of Arts who has made her mark both with her designs and as a co-founder of the design collective Works, which focusses on craftsmanship in design. This new set of her renowned Patina candlesticks, created exclusively for Gestalten, take the geometric playfulness of the original design even further. The candlesticks are covered in a bronze patina created in collaboration with her long-term collaborator, Derek Bayley from Bronze Age foundry, and the rest of the components were made and finished by London craftspeople. 

5 Buddy by Markus Form 

Swedish furniture company Markus Form have set out to capture and revitalise the best of Scandinavian design, producing pieces that are practical, versatile and kind to the environment. Buddy is a perfect example of those principles: a small and useful piece of furniture that you can place next to your sofa or bed, in the hallway or kitchen, its bowl-shaped top holding even items you couldn’t usually place on a table. And the solid materials and durable finish mean this little helper will accompany you through thick and thin. This item is available in the Gestalten webshop.

6 Light Drop Lamp by e27 x Pulpo 

Designed by creative agency e27 for furniture outfit Pulpo, both from Berlin, this lamp displays its secret very openly: the perforated plate on top of a hand-blown glass base does not serve only as a shade, but also scatters the light and gives it a soft luminosity. Thus, Light Drop adds atmosphere to any room, whether you place it at its center or in a corner, and its ingenuity was recognized with a nomination for the 2014 German Design Awards. 

7 Bookends by Menu 

Menu’s “Knowledge in the Brain” bookends were designed by Karim Rashid, who used his own head as a model. They are cast from stone resin and coated in rubber, and even your most beautiful Gestalten books will battle for prominence on the shelf with these two beauties framing them. 

8 Fitzgerald Classics by Penguin 

At Gestalten we appreciate well-designed books above all else, and this special series dedicated to the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald pushes all our buttons. Designed in 2010 by the British pattern designer and longterm Penguin collaborator Coralie Bickford-Smith, it evokes the elegance and glamour of the art deco era, and the interplay of the metallic foil and matte paper on the cover adds a tactile element to the reading experience that reading a great book should always have. 

9 Hex Bowl by Tom Dixon

Whether you use it to serve dishes, hold fruit, or store your jewellery, Tom Dixon’s Hex Bowl lends elegance to any surrounding or content. Part of the British designer’s first home accessories range which celebrates honest materials and traditional manufacturing techniques, the bowl is hand-formed in solid copper. Your apples have never quite shone this much.  

10 Spice Grinder by Tom Dixon 

Anyone who has ever worn themselves out grinding spices in a mortar will appreciate the beautiful simplicity of Tom Dixon’s spice grinder. Just place the brass ball with a cast iron core into the bowl carved from a solid block of Morwad marble and apply some pressure with your palm, and not only will your herbs and spices pulverise in seconds, but you will experience a moment of aesthetic zen to boot. 

11 Crockery Set by Max Lamb 

In order to make his fine bone china tableware set, London designer Max Lamb hand-carved models from solid blocks of plaster, using the tools of a stonemason. Once cast and fired, each piece is glazed on the inside to make it more functional for dining, but the exterior walls are left raw to reflect the plaster original. Add to that the perfect whiteness provided by the use of china clay from Cornwall, and you have a tableware set so perfect in its beauty that it might just make you cry into your breakfast cereal. 

12 Chopping Board by Tom Dixon 

The common chopping board doesn’t tend to get the high-end design very often, so Tom Dixon’s effort is all the more remarkable, and we appreciate it. The slab of white Morwad marble provides a perfect base for cutting, rolling, and chopping – and of course for serving, because a beautiful thing like this should not be confined to the kitchen alone. 

All items featured are available at our Gestalten Stores in Berlin

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