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Visual Symphonies by the taable

Deadpan Still Lifes
Posted by Gestalten—09/2015

Based in Jakarta, the taable is a self-identified multidisciplinary creative hub. Since 2014, Alex Oswith and Amanda Kusai have been working together to create stunning tongue-in-cheek photographs as part of their practice. The duo repurposes different household objects to create humorous and absurd images: in the taable’s world, you can drown in a cup of coffee and Rubik’s cubes are fried like eggs.

Their bold use of color is also a key component in their work, with every image flattened against a colorful backdrop. The duo says, “Color plays an important part in expressing the visual language of our work, as does placing the spotlight on the ordinary things that we might take for granted, then turning them into a visual symphony.”

More of the taable‘s characteristically deadpan work can be found on their website. To see more from the new generation of creatives reinventing the classic form, browse our new book The Still Life.

Images © Axel Oswith and Amanda Kusai

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