Start Me Up! is recommended in the May issue of Novum. "Start Me Up! zeigt gelungene Kreationen aus aller Welt, die Marken individuell und reizvoll zur Geltung bringen.”

–15/04/2015 GERMANY–

Liquid Spaces featured on Highsnobiety.

–13/04/2015 INTERNATIONAL–

Kitchen Kulture featured on

–13/04/2015 SPAIN–

The Great Wide Open on Huh.

–13/04/2015 UK–

Blank Slate and The Map Design Toolbox in Il Venerdi di Repubblica on April 10.

–13/04/2015 ITALY–

An 8-page story on Start Me Up! in the March/April issue of Futu.

–13/04/2015 POLAND–

Kitchen Kulture on Zeit Online.

–13/04/2015 GERMANY–

The Great Wide Open reviewed on The Manual. „These photographs (...) serve as visual testaments to the awe-inspiring planet we call home.“

–13/04/2015 USA–

Barley & Hops recommended in Bier Grand Cru's issue 02/2015.

–8/04/2015 BELGIUM–

Original Man featured on Bone Magazine.

–7/04/2015 TURKEY–

iGNANT picked their top 10 nomadic designs from The New Nomads.

–7/04/2015 GERMANY–

Super-Modified on AIGA Eye on Design. "It’s a delight to dip in and out of, flipping through its pages to uncover the treasures within.”

–7/04/2015 USA–

Kitchen Kulture reviewed on

–7/04/2015 ITALY–

Let's Go Out Again recommended in Elle Decoration's May issue.

–7/04/2015 FRANCE–

Robert Klanten interviewed by PAGE.

–10/03/2015 GERMANY–

The Great Wide Open featured on Monopol. "Atemberaubende neue Landschaftsfotografie."

–10/03/2015 GERMANY–

I am Dandy featured on Caras.

–10/03/2015 CHILE–

Hide and Seek in the April issue of the UK edition of Wired.

–10/03/2015 UK–

Der Honigdieb reviewed in the February 27 issue of the Nürnberger Zeitung. “So schön verpackt kommt die Sorge um unsere Umwelt selten daher.”

–10/03/2015 GERMANY –

Edwina ermittelt in Berlin recommended in 1000 und 1 Buch's February issue. “Eine spannend zu lesende Geschichte, die mit vielen interessanten Details zur deutschen und Berliner Historie aufwartet und Lust auf einen Berlin-Besuch macht. Liebevoll ausgestattet. Kurz: rundum empfehlenswert.”

–10/03/2015 AUSTRIA–

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