The Chamber of Curiosity on Yatzer. "A book of pioneering interior design that focuses on telling the story behind the interiors themselves (...)."

–15/07/2014 GREECE–

Oasis on "Der Bildband "Oasis" zeigt die schönsten Rückzugsorte dieser Welt (...). Allein das Blättern sorgt für eine kurze Alltagsflucht."

–15/07/2014 GERMANY–

Berlin Wonderland on Intellectures.

–15/07/2014 GERMANY–

Berlin Wonderland on Deutsche Welle.

–15/07/2014 GERMANY–

The Outsiders featured in the July issue of Au Arkkitehtiuutiset.

–15/07/2014 FINLAND–

Gestalten Pavilion recommended in tip Berlin's summer special.

–15/07/2014 GERMANY–

Berlin Wonderland on a double-page spread in the July/August issue of Groove.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

Gestalten Pavilion in the June issue of Monocle.

–25/06/2014 UK–

Korea–Korea on Domus.

–25/06/2014 ITALY–

Full-page feature on Berlin Wonderland in the June/August issue of camera.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

I am Dandy and Nendo in the June/August issue of GG.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

Full-page feature on The Outsiders in the July/August issue of Biorama. "Inspiration pur."

–25/06/2014 AUSTRIA–

Out of the Blue recommended in the July/August issue of AD.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

Our House in the City reviewed in Welt am Sonntag on June 22.  "Leben in der Stadt ist gefragter denn je. Der Raumnot begegnen Architekten mit kreativen Ideen...gleich 37 davon (sind) Our House in the City versammelt."

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

Gestalten Pavilion on Nele & Elin.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

The Outsiders and our corresponding show at Gestalten Space featured on Harper's Bazaar.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

Berlin Wonderland in the current issue of Focus.

–25/06/2014 GERMANY–

Gestalten Space in Typography Magazine issue #5.

–25/06/2014 JAPAN–

Printing Things on The Boston Globe. "Editors Claire Warnier, Dries Verbruggen, Sven Ehmann, and Robert Klanten have gathered a wonderland of 3D creations."

–24/06/2014 USA–

The Chamber of Curiosity in the May 23 issue of Dagbladet Borsen.

–24/06/2014 DENMARK–

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