Berlin Wonderland featured on Malaguetas.

–4/12/2014 BRAZIL–

Original Man recommended in yesterday's publication of Knack Weekend.

–4/12/2014 BELGIUM–

Hide and Seek featured on ELLE Decor Italia. "Un vero must have per i cultori del genere, con siti che vanno dalle Alpi alla Groenlandia, dalle foreste della Germania alla Spagna, dalla Scandinavia agli States, in un viaggio verso l'essenziale, la vita semplice e il contatto diretto con l'ambiente."

–3/12/2014 ITALY–

Imagine Architecture reviewed on i.OVO.

–2/12/2014 ITALY–

Original Man on LOVE Magazine.

–2/12/2014 UK–

Hide and Seek featured in the November issue of Emotion.

–2/12/2014 GERMANY–

Hide and Seek is recommended in Schöner Wohnen’s Christmas gift guide.

–2/12/2014 GERMANY–

Hide and Seek on BBC Culture.

–2/12/2014 UK–

Der Chopper is recommended in the holiday gift guide of the November issue of me.movies.

–2/12/2014 GERMANY–

Das Craft-Bier Buch on Cookionista. "Der wundervollen Welt der Mikrobrauereien hat der Gastalten Verlag ein erstklassig designtes Buch gewidmet."

–2/12/2014 GERMANY–

The Monocle Guide to Good Business recommended in Grain Edit's Holiday Gift Guide.

–2/12/2014 US–

Everything is connected featured on TWO IN A ROW as part of their Adventskalender.

–1/12/2014 GERMANY–

The Monocle Guide to Good Business featured in the November 27 print issue of Zeit Magazin as part of the Heiter bis glücklich Adventskalender.

–1/12/2014 GERMANY–

Knife and Fork featured on Mint.

–28/11/2014 FRANCE–

Berlin Wonderland on bone.

–28/11/2014 TURKEY–

The Outsiders recommended on Mint.

–27/11/2014 FRANCE–

I am Dandy in DOVE's December/January issue.

–27/11/2014 ITALY–

Original Man featured on 20 minutos.

–27/11/2014 SPAIN–

Das Craft-Bier Buch recommended as a holiday gift on ocelot,.

–26/11/2014 GERMANY–

Alphabetics on Grain Edit. "Each of the alphabet’s twenty-six letters is depicted with an awesome alliteration—not to mention an illuminating illustration—that will captivate and stimulate young minds.

–26/11/2014 US–