Muster machen recommended in creativ verpacken's October issue.

–24/10/2014 GERMANY–

Oasis in the October/November issue of inForm.

–24/10/2014 GERMANY–

Out of the Blue featured in the Octover/November issue of Bücher Magazin.

–23/10/2014 GERMANY–

The Craft and the Makers reviewed in the October 17 issue of Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung.“The Craft and the Makers bietet tolle Fotografien und Geschichten, die besondere Einblicke ins Handwerk gewähren."

–23/10/2014 GERMANY–

Hallo, ich bin Erik featured in the September issue of Das österreichische Grafische Gewerbe.

–23/10/2014 AUSTRIA–

5-page feature on Hello, I am Erik in the October issue of print&media.

–23/10/2014 FINNLAND–

The Outsiders recommended in Lufthansa Magazin's October issue.

–23/10/2014 GERMANY–

Designing News in the issue 219 of étapes.

–15/10/2014 FRANCE–

The Chopper recommended on beSpoke.

–13/10/2014 ITALY–

The Chopper featured on NPR.

–13/10/2014 US–

The Monocle Guide to Good Business on AIGA.

–2/10/2014 US–

The Chopper featured on Selectism.


The Monocle Guide to Good Business reviewed on Boyscout.

–1/10/2014 BULGARIA–

Das Craft-Bier Buch featured in the 20/2014 issue of tip Berlin.

–30/09/2014 GERMANY–

The Weather Diaries reviewed on anti-utopias.

–29/09/2014 ROMANIA–

Berlin Wonderland featured in the September issue of Urban.

–29/09/2014 ITALY–

Das Craft-Bier Buch recommended on Mixology.

–26/09/2014 GERMANY–

Hide and Seek on The Huffington Post.

–26/09/2014 US–

Korea Korea featured on Touring Club Italiano.

–25/09/2014 ITALY–

The Monocle Guide to Good Business on KalinkaKalinka.

–25/09/2014 GERMANY–