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2F Beer Garden

A Creative Pool project by Henry Enrik (Vietnam)

2F | Beer Garden has been a familiar well-known spot for Saigonese and local expats to hang out and have a glass of Vietnamese traditional draft beer. The beer and food in here are truly delightful. The restaurant is built with quán concept, hidden in a little alley in District 1, in the front yard of a vintage mansion, with a cozy and friendly atmosphere, like you could taste Saigon right at your first sip.

Our branding concept is based on the origin of the brand's name 2F. The name original stems from the address of the place, 2F Nguyễn Thành Ý. And the mansion is truly unique, if visited, you could experience a perfect combination of sustainable architecture with strong and timeless materials to build the house. Random tile patterns were applied repeatedly from the floors, yard to walls. Based on that inspiration, we created a unique stencil logotype for 2F. The identity is recognizable, strong and condensed.