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Blackboard entry by * A

A Creative Pool project by * A

THE STICKERSAFARI 07.10.– 07.11.2006 / hamburg / karoviertel / marktstraße finissage/party: sa, 04.11.06 / egal bar / marktstraße 131 STICKERSAFARI is an outdoor exhibition for the second international sticker award. From 5101 entries from all over the world we selected 30 amazing entries from the UK, Poland, USA, Poland, Chile, Iran, Turkey, Brasil, Mexico, Estonia, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany – and will exhibit them from October, 7th til November 7th on Markstraße, Hamburg, Germany. Street art is a form of urban art and communication which should not be seperated from its roots – the street. That’s the reason why we created this stickersafari through Marktstraße in Hamburg. It’s free, open 24/7 and leaves a place for individual comments. The STICKERSAFARI exhibition is organised by the NO GALLERY– a gallery without space, showing con/temporary art in unusual, temporary places and opposing the white space dictatorship – for „Kunst im Kontext“. The Gallery Is Dead – Long Live The No Gallery.