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Blackboard entry by Cherry Sweet


Admiration of Peonies

Client: Ingenuity Follows Nature: A Poster Exhibition of Asian Designers & Tong Yang-Tze's Calligraphy
Calligraphy: Tong Tang Tze
Design and illustration: Cherry Sweet

Admiration of Peonies by ancient Chinese poet Liu Yuxi, " The most beautiful flower in this country is only peony; the blooming season of peonies attracts everybody."

The purpose of making Admiration of Peonies is to create and express the Chinese character "Beauty" in designer's mind and excute a communication exchange between Master Tong Yang Tse's calligraphy and my illustration. The inspiration of the poster comes from a poem called Admiration of Peonies by ancient Chinese poet Liu Yuxi. 

Audience can imagine the amazing scene of the blooming peonies through the art of Chinese typography by the poster.

More details pictures:

Posted by Cherry Sweet, Hong Kong SAR China