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Blackboard entry by Design Event

A Creative Pool project by Design Event

Greetings, I work on Design Event 07, a festival based in Newcastle and we've just launched a Call for Submissions that I thought some eager beavers might be interested in...................... HAVE YOU GOT A DESIGN EXHIBITION THAT WILL GET US TALKING? DESIGN EVENT 07: OCTOBER 2007 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS 30 SEPTEMBER 2006 A new product was launched every 3.5 minutes last year. Each one of them was accompanied by a barrage of advertising, signs and media. But the age of throw-away products is coming to an end. This poses an important challenge to designers. How better to use their insight and creativity - without adding to the waste and communications clutter? Design Event 07, an umbrella organisation, will support a series of innovative exhibitions and installations over a four week period in October 2007. This collection of exhibitions will provide a platform for talented designers across all disciplines: product, graphic, fashion, architecture and interior design. The Brief DE07 challenges you to explore the theme of ‘how do we want to live?’ in relation to the North East of England. We invite submissions from established and emerging designers, galleries, studios, curators, collectives and others interested in this field. We are looking for new exhibitions and installations to be commissioned and showcased alongside innovative works already produced that are relevant to the North East region. We invite submissions for new or existing exhibitions or installations which have something interesting to say about Design Event 07’s theme “How do we want to live????. We are especially interested in works that meet the following objectives: a) Spark debate and conversation around the question of sustainability. b) Propose new uses for the emerging new technologies which are particularly strong in the North East. c) Draw attention to ignored but interesting spaces and locations. d) Relate to the North East region. The panel will meet in October and is made up of: Wayne Hemmingway: Designer Mark Blamire: Director of Blanka Online Art and Design gallery John Thackara: Creative Director of Dott07 Karen Stone: Director of Design Event Alistair Robinson: Curator, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art Further info, guidelines and application form can be found at Thankyou!bold textbold text