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Blackboard entry by Elena Schneider


tungulending, identity for a guesthouse

Tungulending – the abandoned factory building next to the sea with its own pier and small harbour seemed to be forgotten for a longer period of time. First built and used as a salt fish factory, this spot has not been in a deep slumber for the last 15 years. Even though it is located at a wonderful place in a very special surrounding: With its famous fossils from the Tjörnes Peninsula layers, the history of fishing, the rough coast line with a lot of marine- and birdlife and last but not least with the most spectacular view over Skjálfandi Bay. No doubt, this place should get more attention again!  By turning the place into a friendly café and individual guesthouse, it will be given the attention it truly deserves.

Corporate design:
By capturing the aspects of the rough factory working surface, the sea air, the simple life as well as the peaceful and friendly atmosphere the design develops a welcoming and cosy sealife identity with a gastronomic touch.

Posted by Elena Schneider, Germany