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Blackboard entry by Haug Sarah

Hello Gestalten Verlag

I am an artist and illustrator based in Geneva and I am sending you an illustration from a special zine project I made for my friends I never Read for the LA Art Book Fair.

About my work I can say:


Whimsical characters, a joyful mix of human, animal end vegetal lifeforms, are at the center of my drawings. Pseudo-documentary facts melt together with fabrications, all things are possibly alive and looking for the next ultimate experience.


Those stories and narrative situations take shape in drawings, animations, live projections and printed editions. The result is fanciful pop, made out of fast lines and a dose of black humor.


I hope you en joy the ride! You can explore more projects on my website and get a look at my self-publishing project "Elma Olmak's Ketchup Temple".


Best regards


Sarah Haug

Posted by Haug Sarah, Switzerland