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Blackboard entry by Jazelle

A Creative Pool project by Jazelle

Jazelle is an illustrator - or as she prefers to call herself "Visualler"- originally from Italy. Having spent most of her life between Bangkok, Tokyo and New York her style is a melting pot of various influences ranging from soulful and funky vibes to J-pop. ??Her inspiration comes from music and 60's and 70's movies,. Jazelle mostly works on graphics for the music and entertainment industry designing album covers, magazines and advertising posters. She has recently teamed up with a LA based recording artist to create Wordplay Essentials , a clothing line where music, art, and fashion find a harmonious balance that allow us to express ourselves through the sounds of fashion. Wordplay essentials t-shirts are currently touring with a Tribe Called Quest. Jazelle and her crew DGMaki Studio are currently working on an animated 3d cartoon commissioned by Spitkicker NY. Hip Hop music is going to be an integral part of the project and many famous rappers are already attached to the project. Her works are the transposition of herself, of her feelings and temper generating an imaginary universe full of colors and soulful warmth.