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Blackboard entry by Jeffrey Boone

A Creative Pool project by Jeffrey Boone

Over the almost 20 years I have known Elaine Mari, I have seen her artistic practice shift from drawing to photography to painting to mixed media. Currently, she is bringing skills gained in all these areas together in delicately worked drawings on mylar. To these she brings an articulate sense of tone and contrast informed by black and white photography; an easy mixed-media familiarity with ink, charcoal and graphite; and an approach to materials similar to that of a painter 'pushing paint'. The results are a seasoned juxtaposing of sparse line, wash and colour that testify to her considerable ability to control and edit. Building for a better tomorrow will be at Parking Spot, 8 East Cordova St. Vancouver, BC Canada from October 10th - 29th. Presented by Jeffrey Boone Gallery