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Blackboard entry by katja alissa mueller


Publish & Vanish


The Con Men’s Daily Journal – Here everything is gold that glitters.

PUBLISH&VANISH is a magazine whose contents play relentlessly with the real and the make-believe. Through the interaction of fashion, culture, advertisements, photography and graphic design
an extraordinary and eloquent new interpretation of magazines is generated. Nothing appears to be real, everything has to be questioned. Behind every sentence, every character and every visual
composition a fake could be hidden, an impostor. As soon as the reader comes to the end of the publication, a definition of all fakes is given. The magazine has to be re-read with a sharpened
awarenes of the impostors.

I hereby declare the copyright of the content not to be mine but used as art for my bachelor degree 2012 at the University of the Arts, Zurich.


Posted by katja alissa mueller, United Kingdom