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Blackboard entry by max-o-matic

A Creative Pool project by max-o-matic

Latex for fun" // designer toys for poor people ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Latex for fun" is a collective project that started with a simple idea: create disposable "designer toys" with pure d.i.y. ethics. We tried it and liked it, so we decided to spread the idea out there and make something else out of it. Here´s the proposal: 1) get a white balloon and inflate it 2) draw a face on it and create a character you´ll fall in love with. 3) take a picture of it (with you, your mom or your cat, if you want to) and send it to info [at] 4) send the picture to us (with your contact info and all the information you´ll like to appear with it) The DEADLINE is JUNE 12 2006. For more info: