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Blackboard entry by Sarmishta Pantham


Pedestalled Memory

Pedestaled Memory is a series of 3 posters inspired by the childhood memory of the South Indian tradition of Golu. During the festival of Navratri, households are set up with an odd-numbered stairwell beautifully decorated with traditional clay toys. This tradition culminates in a social evening of little girls and ladies visiting one home after another to admire each other’s Golu and be treated with delicious treats that highlight each visit. In Pedestaled Memory, the food of the time is now the celebrated– the memory of the dolls and prasadam (food made for ritual) that is a cornucopia of the traditional and the contemporary middle-class merge into a singular shrine-like dream of the celebration, with a playful nostalgia for the modest Indian.

Posted by Sarmishta Pantham, Germany