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Blackboard entry by Trialoni Maria


My works focus on the use of speech as a means of expressing personal statements and thoughts and, more recently, on various artists' statements (e.g. Bill Viola, Louise Bourgeois, Joseph Kossuth, Ana Mendieta etc.), and touch upon issues that interest the individual, such as the relations between man and woman, stereotypes, as well as general philosophical issues around art, the individual and everyday activities within society.The means used for the materialization of these ideas(e.g. wool, threads, balls of string) reveal a female approach, thus incorporating women's everyday life and experience through activities traditionally considered solely feminine and thus perceived as an inaccessible field of experience, such as sewing and embroidering. However, this activity is positioned in a such a way, so that it does not exclusively reflect a female position (e.g. retrospective re-statements) instead it seems to balance between the identities of both genders. The work generates a discussion around artists' inherent search for answers and understanding, beyond stereotypes and the role of the genders, of the very function of artistic practice, as well as reality's nature.

Posted by Trialoni Maria, Greece