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Mångata Pâtisserie

A Creative Pool project by Sarah Wong (Vietnam)

Mångata Pâtisserie launched to be one the luxury bakeries in Saigon serving truly well-designed cakes with high-tea concept. The owner has been wandering, researching and studying for a long time in France and Belgium to find the recipes. Endorsing the minimal lifestyle of Northern Europe, the name is chosen for its unique meaning of falling in love, romantic and delight, like a beautiful love song, something comes without thoughts but from the bottom of hearts.

The concept is mainly focused on creating a visual identity and system for packaging and other brand materials that are unique, strong and sustainable. Mångata has a different meaning in Swedish, a unique romantic scene: the glimmering, road-like reflection the moon creates on the sea at night. The scene is really inspiring and visually appealing, so we brought it into the branding, making Mångata more unique and rememberable but still straightforward. The colour palette of black and gold imitates the atmosphere of the dark sea and gives the brand a mysterious, luxury touch.