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100% Books

Posted by Gestalten—09/2006

100% Design is an annual design fair that takes place over 4 days in London's Earls Court and is one of the world's most important contemporary design exhibitions. In amongst the latest furniture, lighting,
accessories, wall & floor coverings, textiles and kitchens & bathrooms you'll find 100% Books - an immediate oasis for the many thousands of visitors to the fair. As an idea it's pretty unique so we spoke to founder Lynn Hendry to find out a little more about what it's like to run the most important, contemporary, temporary, design bookshop.

What is 100% Books?
100% Books is a specialised bookshop put together for 4 days of
the year at the most prestigious design trade fair in the world -
100% Design.

How long has 100% Books been happening?
5 years

How did it come about?
It came about because I went to the show and thought there should
be a good bookshop at the show so I put it to Ian Rudge the Director
and he thought the same so we worked together to make it happen.

What's your involvement?
I choose the books and then my very small house fills with boxes.
I then have to get them to Earls court, unpack them all and make a
bookshop in one day.

How many books do you sell during the show?
We sell around 1200 books.
We always run out of plastic bags and we always get sore feet.

How do you curate your selection?
Well, I go to the bookfair, visit bookshops, read the newspapers.
Also I find talking to publishers reps helpful as long as they are
not too pushy. People like Richard Hall at PGI Worldwide and Emma at
DGV, their help is invaluable.

What's the best thing about having an annual bookshop?
The best thing is because it only happens once a year it feels
like Christmas. An annual book feast. And at the end I can send all
the leftovers back.

What's your favourite DGV book?

Who’s your most famous customer?
Wayne Hemmingway, who was absolutely lovely. Last year a member of
the royal family bought a book from us. (can't remember his name.)

100% Design 2006
21st - 24th September
Earls Court 2
doors open 10am