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Design Museum Shop

Posted by Gestalten—11/2006

The Design Museum shop was originally conceived as a small addition to the Museum back in 1989 and has since expanded and become a successful destination for design lovers. Our customers are a great mix of international and local designers along with lots of students of all ages, families, locals - a much broader mix that you might expect which gives us a great opportunity to surprise people with things they may never have seen before. The shop is unique in London in that it dedicates half the store to design literature and the other half to design products, coherently presenting all things great in design from the past century. Design - be it graphic or industrial - is inseparable from end product, end users and crucially from commerce, which is perhaps what makes the shop more interesting than most museum stores in that we often sell what we also exhibit.

While new and challenging design publications take up the foreground, this selection is supported by a library wall of classic & essential design books to encourage a little more research and exploration. We also sell a great deal of home-wares, toys, lights, DVD's, stationary, watches, gadgets and lots of greetings cards and small gifts. The Design Museum logo and ID was designed by Kam Tang / Graphic Thought Facility
which all appears in the DGV book Hidden Track.

What's selling this month?
Our exclusive Alan Fletcher 'Down With Dogma' poster which coincides with the stunning first floor exhibition of his work and also Alan's final book, Picturing & Poeting. Other big sellers include the Gorillaz figures by Jamie Hewlett (who was awarded Designer of the year 2006 by the Museum earlier in the year), our director Deyan Sudjic's book on Future Systems and our designer chair miniatures series, finally an affordable way to own an Eames!

Your favorite DGV books?
Simon likes pretty much everything DGV puts out; "You have to admire a publisher that focuses on the very new and presents it so well. DGV feeds my own addiction to books, a habit that borders on the perverse - from battered old Penguins with pages that look like they've been dunked in tea through to design and art books with absurdly expensive standards of production. I recently moved into a flat in North London because it was along the street from an independent bookshop, which is rather like a junkie moving next to a crack-house, I guess.

I'm a fan of DGV's Neubau Welt because of the subsequent cult it has spawned among graphic designers, Influences simply because of its intriguing content & structure and Spank the Monkey because of the artists involved and my love for Newcastle (the place, absolutely not the football team).

Customers like / love:
Tres Logos, Illusive and Altitude.

How do I get there?
Make like a tourist and hop off at London Bridge Station then stroll along the Thames taking in HMS Belfast, City Hall, Tower Bridge and Shad Thames which takes around ten minutes. If you haven't been to this part of London, you really should, visually it's like Charles Dickens meets Terence Conran - old warehouses turned into ideal homes. There are also ducks paddling around on the Thames, which makes me happy.

The Future:
There are lots of exciting plans afoot - a series of our own publications, a new website shop, our own range of eco-design products, a full shop refit and all the best new design products & books on the shelves as ever! We are also developing an evening events programme supporting new and small publishers / creatives / designers. I'm looking forward to forthcoming exhibitions here with Zaha Hadid, Jonathan Barnbrook and Matthew Williamson and many others!

Store address/details and opening hours
Design Museum Shop
28 Shad Thames

Open from 10AM to 5.45 daily.

T - 0207 940 9753
E - shop [at]