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Submitted by Patrizia on Tue, 06/23/2015 - 13:57

The World of Crafted Spirits & Liqueurs

Out of the Jar features the best and most unusual spirits from small manufacturers around the world. They are made by a new generation of distillers who are cultivating rare varieties of fruit, herbs, and spices; reviving and reinterpreting high-proof family recipes; or labeling each of their bottles by hand.’s portrait introduces a hands-on whiskey maker from a prohibition-era distillery in Brooklyn, a passionate mezcalero who doesn’t chicken out from an unusual recipe, and a Berlin-based artisan whose rum is taking the world’s best cocktail bars by storm. Get insight from them and our guidebook for professionals, gourmets, and all enthusiasts looking to enjoy a distinctive drink. Cheers!

Browse the English book here: Out of the Jar
Find the German book here: Geistige Getränke

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