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Submitted by Ole Wagner on Tue, 10/18/2011 - 11:59

The Fifth Horseman

Recurring themes in Joep van Lieshout's work are the organization of the world, power structures, economy, revolution and new tribal organization, autarky, and the classical themes of life and death. Or, to quote Joep himself: "You can say a lot of things about the apocalypse, but it certainly is not boring."  We met the sculptor, who recently worked on a stage design for the esteemed Bayreuth Festival, in his Rotterdam workshop where he was busy addressing the history of farming in his inimitable artistic way. 

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A production by Gestalten Script Editor: Ole Wagner Editor: Andrea Cadorin Camera: Olaf von Voss Location: Rotterdam Copyright 2011 Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH und Co. KG