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A Travel Guide to Hong Kong

Monocle takes you on a fresh journey from the best dining spots to side-street food stalls.

Posted by Gestalten—08/2015

Hong Kong has been a city of many identities: a community of fishing villages, a refuge for immigrants, an international port, and a British colony. Today the city continues to question its personality as it finds its place as part of modern China.

The Monocle Travel Guide to Hong Kong will show you where to head for rich shopping experiences and handmade shoes and shirts. Navigate the futuristic skyways connecting office towers and you’ll pass over temples from which incense smoke trails towards the heavens. Then there are walks to take you away from the hustle and bustle of Central into plant-filled streets when the din of the city disappears. You will see works by top contemporary artists or get lost in characterful backstreets at your leisure. The mix of high and low will charm the most hardened urban travelers.

Hong Kong: The Monocle Travel Guide Series is available now at Gestalten Pavilion, Gestalten Space, and in our online shop.

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