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5 years
33 weeks ago

New Font: Sinews

Effortlessly providing both dynamism and durability
Posted by Gestalten—01/2012

A sinew is a strong, fibrous tissue connecting bones to muscle.

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New Font: Calcine

Shades of Abstracted Brush and Marker Letterings
Posted by Gestalten—11/2011

Calcine is all about playfulness and fun. Originally designed (and perfect for) posters and flyers, the typeface—the name comes from a bastardization of the process of roasting coffee beans—thrives off of its proportions and superstructure.

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Twenty-six characters

Interview with Typography Icon Bruno Maag
Posted by Gestalten—11/2011

Twenty-six characters is an exploration of Nokia's new typeface, designed by typography icon Bruno Maag, offering inspiration and insight for establishing an indispensable visual language.

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Type Foundries Today

Photos from the Type Navigator Book Launch
Posted by Gestalten—11/2011

Jan Middendorp, Martin Lorenz, and guests come together for an evening of pure typography.

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Lettres Type

Exhibition in Nancy
Posted by Gestalten—11/2011

Displaying typefaces in their context of use.

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A Minimalistic Modernization of Gothic Typography
Posted by Gestalten—11/2011

23-year-old Marseille-based typographer Johan Mossé decided it was time to give blackletter gothic typography an update.

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Type Foundries Today

Talk by Jan Middendorp and Martin Lorenz with Luc(as) de Groot (LucasFonts), Tim Ahrens and Shoko Mugikura (Just Another Foundry)

The market for digital typefaces is rapidly expanding with new fonts and type foundries launching on almost a daily basis. The type world has become an exciting and diverse landscape, but it can be hard to navigate for those who aren't part of its inner circle--and it's not just about the fonts.

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House for Sale!

Including Bankers Box and Biking Helmet
Posted by Gestalten—10/2011

Famous for their impeccable tongue-in-cheek takes on American popular culture, the Delaware-based type foundry House Ind.

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