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Übersee 1

New Releases

Posted by Gestalten—10/2002

available in USA / Canada in January 2003 Incl. work by: Bastien Aubry, BenjAmin Güdel, Dehara, Diana Dart, Peter Horvath, Neasden Control Centre, Niko Stumpo, Rilla, Puppetmastaz,Vier5,... Ãœbersee (Overseas)is a platform-focus-soapbox on all things out there, at seas,overseas. At 3 issues a year it will have: no adverts, no sponsor, no fashion, no music, no reviews, no fame, no superstars and no compromise. Number ONE is now available ! Price: $28.00, Euro 25.00,  £20.00 ISBN: 3-931126-50-1