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The 2017 Antepavilion

Micro-Housing Solutions on the Regent’s Canal

Posted by Gestalten—09/2017

As immigration bottlenecks and raising rents leave Londoners out in the cold, there’s a renewed push for affordable housing solutions—and quickly, too. With this in mind, the U.K. Architecture Foundation put out a call for proposals: they wanted to see fresh ideas that showcased new and innovative ways to live in and interact with the city’s sprawling streets. Out of a total 128 proposals, the council chose PUP Architect’s snake-like extension of a building’s roof. Wrapped in silver scales, the Antepavilion suggests that to expand the currently-available livable spaces, we need to look inside the lines: the structure works within a legal loophole that permits mechanical rooftop expansions to be built without permission from the city. 

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Images by The Architecture Foundation