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Alex Fluestertuete

at Filesharing

Posted by Gestalten—11/2002

It is Christmas time, time of relaxation and reflection. The time when our need and will and passion for shopping gets stronger than ever. There is no other season in which so many appealing, valuable, desirable goods are presented to us. But what kind of values is addressed here and how do we deal with all the seduction?  “What are our true values? ” is the question raised by the Berlin art project  “Die Alex Flüstertüte ”. 4000 alternative shopping bags with questions and answers, hint, poems and wisdoms printed on them will be given away on four weekends before Christmas at one of the busiest places in Berlin: the Alexanderplatz. Targeting the Christmas shoppers to take a break and think about the whole phenomenon for a minute. Freelance supporters of the project will ask people at the Alexanderplatz to put their shopping bags into those alternative bags. A gift with the condition of the imitate use. The project aims to increase the consciousness for the relations between values and modern consumerism in our society in two ways: First: It addresses the topic of brands and brand values by covering and therefore eliminating all those well know brand names for a certain time and place. The existing shopping bags loose their impact and meaning as advertising. Second: It raises questions and gives the consumers a reason to reflect. This mainly happens through 4 — 6 statements printed onto the new bags, which form some kind of dialogue and hopefully catalyse conversations between people — e.g. on their way home, in the underground etc. — as well.