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Desula by Andrea Pecora

The Photographer Visited Sardinian Town in which a Dress Lasts a Lifetime

Posted by Gestalten—06/2016

Family heritages and histories are sewn into the traditional garments of cultures worldwide. Videographer Andrea Pecora documented the women of Desulo, Sardinia, a group of whom still wear the traditional dresses of the village. The hand-embroidered garments are painstakingly embroidered for almost a year. Once finished, the reversible dresses last a woman her entire life. While once fairly common, the tradition is only practiced by a handful of women in Desulo; Pecora’s short film documents the age-old tradition for generations to come.

Our book Traditional Couture also explores heritage costumes. Published in German as Trachten, the book is a collection of photographs by the famed fashion photographer Gregor Hohenberg, and it offers an overview of traditional German clothing from an assortment of regions.

Images and Video © Andrea Pecora