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Head in the Clouds Installation

See What Happened At Festival des Architectures Vives

Posted by Gestalten—08/2016

Since 2006, architects and urban planners flood the streets of Montpellier each summer for the Festival des Architectures Vives and the promise of exciting new work from around the world. This year’s edition, which opened in June, was centered around the role of innovation in architecture and urban planning. Across the city, private courtyards and spaces were opened to the public and filled with installations of all kinds. Ranging from the Les Tête Dans Les Nuages’ dreamy clouds to IN N’ OVER’s flock of paper cranes, the interventions were beautiful invitations for visitors to reflect on how we think about, represent, and induce innovation. 

Browse a selection of pieces from the Festival des Architectures Vives below and see more from forward-thinkers around the world in our selection of books about architecture.

Images © Paul Kozlowski