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Armures by Marie Rime

The Swiss Photographer Explores the Relationship Between Power, War, and Costuming

Posted by Gestalten—12/2015

Though ornate and unwieldy at times, the complex decorations and intricate ornamentation of traditional religious, spiritual, or war costuming are often awe-inspiring. Inspired by elaborate armors and striking couture,  Swiss photographer Marie Rime made her own set of chestplates, helmets, masks, and other protective wear for her Armures series. For each photograph in the series, push-pins, bike reflectors, and other household objects are sculpted into full headdresses and dressing robes. As such, Rime questions the relationship between woman, war, power, and ornamentation—looking closely at the series, it becomes clear that the armored women are solely support structures for their heavy clothes. 

Images © Marie Rime