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Brasil inspired

First Artwork Samples

Posted by Gestalten—12/2002

The publication contains artwork made by Artists worldwide based on their impressions on the country of Brazil. Instead of applying boundaries to the project, we asked people to illustrate the first image in their minds when thinking of Brazil. We felt that this spontaneous thought was a lot more valuable than an accurate image based on research on the country's culture. The result was amazing! Some of the Artists involved even travelled to Brazil to capture photographs later used on their images or simply to get inspired. Others collaborated with people living in Brazil. To view some of the artwork created for the book, please refer to the Artwork Sample page. But please note that it is just small example of the full book and does not showcase the over 50 artists involved. - The Website: This early verion of the website, kindly hosted by Media Temple, only intends to promote the book project. It's main function will only be operative in February of 2003 when the larger site will be launched. Designed by Nando Costa, it is currently being built by Mike Buzzard and Chris Lea and will showcase contemporary Art and Design being produced in Brazil. It will give local news, inform about local events, show photos of all areas of the country, and offer interviews with Artists and articles about all sorts of Art and Culture related issues. Some of the collaborators are Lobo, Cisma, Golden Shower and Misprintedtype among others. Our intention is to share our culture with other countries and inform that really interesting Art and Design is being created here as well. Hopefully the site will expand and reach the right people, incentivate turism, investments in our culture and collaboration in Art and Design projects with international Artists. We also have plans to organize exhibits where both local and international Artists will wrok together. Stay tuned for the launch next February.