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Meet the Winners of the Celebrate Your Ride Photography Mission

We Partnered with EyeEm to Inaugurate Velo 3rd Gear

Posted by Gestalten—03/2016

To usher in the third volume of our Velo series, we partnered with EyeEm for the Celebrate Your Ride Mission. The rules were simple: capture and share an image that championed cycling in any of its many forms. We have posted the three winning entries and two runner-ups below, and 200 of the participating photographs selected by a panel of experts will be on display at the Gestalten x Berlin Bicycle Week Opening Party and Release Event tonight at Gestalten Space from 7 p.m. 

Order a copy of Velo 3rd Gear here.

Winning Image © Michael Wendt

Winning Image © Andrew Hays

Winning Image © TYLim

Runner-Up Image © b r o o nyc o

Runner-Up Image © Fred Icke