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Cornucopia by Ellen Depoorter and Jeroen de Schrijver

At the Diesel Denim Gallery, NY

Posted by Gestalten—03/2007

In Cornucopia, Belgian painter Ellen Depoorter and architect Jeroen de Schrijver, showcase their version of the Greek mythological legend. According to myth, Zeus was raised by Amalthea on the milk of a goat and in return, he rewarded her with goat’s horn which had the power to give the possessor whatever they wanted. The legend of Cornucopia lives on in this installation as a mental space where desires free of social and cultural conventions are projected. Deporter displays a large-scale tableau of twelve porn stars depicted in sexual lust. However the women she represents lose some of their sexual character and gain femininity, grace and mystery as they offer themselves to the viewer. De Schrijver reacts to Depoorter by creating a multi-faceted horn sculpture filled with reflective panels, multiplying the painting and transforms the porn stars into mesmerizing icons. Cornucopia Curated by Sebastien Agneessens At the Diesel Denim Gallery 68 Greene Street, New York February 1 to April 15, 2007