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Eastern Stories by Brice Portolano

The French Photographer Takes a Look at Life on a Train
Posted by Gestalten—08/2016
Eastern Stories by Brice Portolano

There is something to be said about taking the scenic route. Today, life in the fast line often overlooks the antiquated pleasures of sitting back and enjoying the ride. For his Eastern Stories series, photographer Brice Portolano turned his lens on travelers who opted for a slower approach to getting from Point A to Point B—that is to say, they traveled by train.

We last visited Portolano for his series to explore his Arctic Love series. His new body of work further developes Portolano’s interest in the changing relationship between humans and their environment: the series is ripe with photographs of passengers interacting with the nature as they pass by. To see more inspirational images from train-based travelers, browse our book The Journey

Images © Brice Portolano