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Fall Equinox

Satano-Hedonistic Inventory 2002

Posted by Gestalten—10/2002

Darkness hath befallen the Hemisphere. Brave and free souls gather round to celebrate the annual feast of Fall Equinox (also known as Halloween or All Hallow's Eve) 'tis a night for Satanists and Scientists, Pranksters, Tricksters, Ghouls and Demons Ladies and Gentlemen! Come! Celebrate and shine at theSatano-Hedonistic Inventory 2002 Satano-Hedonistische Inventur 2002 Thursday October 31st — Door Opens 2300 h Donnerstag 31. Oktober — Einlass 2300 h Maria am Ufer/An der Schillingbrücke Admission/Eintritt EUR 9 Dress to impress Line Up: DJanes Diana  „Little Miss Luzifer “ Dart/Maya  „Mayhem “ Lansky 0015h Black Massenger I (live/analog-appearance of the incredible Tapeman, who saves the world, even though it resents him) DJ Christoph de Babalon 0030h Boy from Brazil (live/electro-acoustic Jihad/Rock'n'Roll-Suicide-Bombing) DJ Heiko Höllenhund 0100h Black Massengers II (live/sm-programme:  „A strange zombie is held captive. The untamed creature requires intensive medication which is administered by the demented and sadistic Dr. Erotica. This clinical bloodletting ritual is not for the faint of heart. Front row beware!) 0130h Sexo Y Droga (live/fire)  „the mosh pit workings “ DJ Hanns Martin Slayer 0215h Lard of Darkness (live/Re-Masters of the Universe) Luziferian Allstars DJ-Team (actual time line may differ)