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Inside Marcelo Rosenbaum’s São Paulo Home

Local Craftsmanship Mingles with International Flair

Posted by Gestalten—10/2015

Architect Marcelo Rosenbaum’s home in São Paulo pairs bright colors and exciting textures with modern patterns and subdued furniture. Designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Rosenbaum’s home is heavily influenced by the local vernacular and he takes full advantage of the abundant craftsmanship in the Brazilian metropolis. Wide slabs of concrete structure the ample and open floorplan, while wares from around the world line the walls with bursts of international flair—all the while keeping the Rosenbaum family comfortable despite the balmy climate.

For architects like Rosenbaum and Mendes da Rocha, the tropics offer a unique challenge. Our recent release Living Under the Sun documents how many people—including Rosenbaum—have built a life in paradise. Browse and buy the book here.