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The World of Japanese Comics

Posted by Gestalten—10/2002

Manga is one of Japan's longest and largest cultural phenomena. It is read enthusiastically by people of all ages in Japan, from young children to businessmen. In this exhibition of over ninety drawing panels, the diverse themes and narratives of manga are explored (with English translations allowing visitors to read the dialogues). The exhibition also contains actual comic books and video works. In European countries, Japanese manga has acquired a reputation for depicting violence, but this represents only one part of the medium. Its virtue lies in its depiction of Japanese people's everyday lives. The Japan Foundation commissioned Japanese manga expert, Fusanosuke Natsume, to put together this showcase of Japanese new comics in order to shed a new light on the conventional image. Although much influenced by Western comics, Japanese manga, which shares its style with traditional artsuch as scroll paintings, has developed its own unique genre and now accounts for as much as two fifths of new publications in Japan. Exhibiting artists are TERADA Katsuya, TAMURA Shigeru, SASAKI Maki, Tiger TATEISHI, MINAMI Shinbo, MORI Masayuki, TSUGE Yoshiharu, TAKITA Yu, TANIGUCHI Jiro, OKAZAKI Kyoko, YAMADA Murasaki, MINAMI Qta, YAMADA Naito, YAMADA Akihiro, SUGIURA Hinako, OKANO Reiko, UMEZZ Kazuo, TAKANO Fumiko, OSHIMA Yumiko, MIZUKI Shigeru, HISAUCHI Michio, TANAKA Masashi, TEZUKA Osamu, MATSUMOTO Taiyo and MOCHIZUKI Minetaro. + Furi Furi Company The exhibition has been conceived by The Japan Foundation in cooperation with Japanisches Kulturinstitut, Cologne and ACC Kunstagentur, Hamburg. 08.11.2002 - 05.01.2003 Deichtorhallen Hamburg Deichtorstr. 1-2 20095 Hamburg Tel. 040 - 32 10 30