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Profile Intermedia 5

6-8 dec. 2002

Posted by Gestalten—12/2002

last minute feature / nick bell / una designers nick bell will give a presentation on the theme "is it right to do this here?" nick bell is director of "una designers", london. in december 1997 he was appointed art director of eye, the international review of graphic design and in the summer of 1999 became more editorially involved as creative director. nick`s redesign of eye won several award nominations and brought this very successful design magazine to a new level. profile intermedia photo special three outstanding photoevents will take place at profile intermedia 5. ute mahler, one of germany`s most sought-after photgraphers from berlin will be one of our main presenters at the profile auditorium. the title of the exhibition "london-berlin: through each others eyes" gives a good idea of the content. the british embassy berlin invited a young british photographer and a young german photographer to visit each other`s capital cities and to record life in them over a 24-hour period. jacky chapman / gb jacky chapman says: my camera is my life. through it i am able to travel the world and record what i feel and perceive. it is my passport to see into the lives of others, to record on film, is to live for a very short period of time the way other people live. what will you get at profile intermedia 5? over ten main auditorium presentations incl. special features by superstars of design like dieter rams and ron arad a choice of over 20 "hands on workshops" with famous professional designers from all over the world a virtual conference profile intermedia party great network oppurtunity a large exhibition area a workshops arena for 300 people with circus-style seating a booklounge 2 filmfestivals 2 photo exhibitions + many more impressum Hochschule für Künste Bremen Profile intermedia office Am wandrahm 23 28195 Bremen mail [at]