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Sergei Sviatchenko at BDW

Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

Posted by Gestalten—05/2013

Invited by Belgrade Design Week, the on-going project Less by the Ukrainian-Danish artist Sergei Sviatchenko now travels to Serbia. As arguably one of the most influential innovators of modern collage, Sviatchenko's work is definitely a must-see at BDW! With the artist attending, the vernissage takes place on June 4th at 17:00 in Belgrade's Museum of Contemporary Art.

The works from Less provide an opportunity for the public to become familiar with an exploratory, logical, and intuitive artistic process that incites reflection about popular culture and our modern vision of life. Sviatchenko's collages mirror the process of navigating through the rapid flow of visual impressions that contemporary consumers are constantly confronted with. Rather than presenting a single path that leads to clear answers and a panoramic overview, the powerful images give spectators myriad ways to think about how their meanings are attributed, exchanged, and constantly contested. Drawing on and harnessing all of the cultural tides, Sviatchenko has experienced in 40 years of image-making, and his oeuvre spans the known and the unimaginable in an unparalleled way.

Sergei Sviatchenko was born in Ukraine and now lives and works in Viborg, Denmark. He graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Art and Architecture as an artist and architect in 1975 and received his PhD from the Kiev School of Architecture in 1986. Sviatchenko is a provocateur in the world of contemporary art whose collages and paintings have been exhibited in Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, England, Canada, and the USA. In November 2012, Gestalten released a two-volume compendium of his painting and collage work titled Everything Goes Right & Left If You Want It and was pleased to present his exhibition For Light and Memory soon after.

Browse his artworks here.