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Sergei Sviatchenko in Paris

Group Exhibition L'Extime

Posted by Gestalten—05/2014

Ukranian-Danish collage master Sergei Sviatchenko's new work is presented at Gallery Seine 51 in Paris, along with the photographs of France-based artists Eric Pillot and Jennifer Westjohn.

Sergei Sviatchenko has worked with a broad range of subjects and media. He experiments, challenges, and abolishes where other artists move within established comfort zones. Arguably one of the most influential innovators of modern collage, Sviatchenko cuts through the boundaries of traditional and contemporary visuals to merge pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, and architecture and science with the logic of dreams.

The first comprehensive collection of Sviatchenko’s collage and painting Everything Goes Right & Left If You Want It was published by Gestalten.

Vernissage of L'Extime: Wednesday, May 7, 17:00