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Shift 074

Cover Interview with A + M

Posted by Gestalten—01/2003

Thankfully, we could carry out many projects, such as a collaboration project with Abahouse "Bin" and an editorial support for "Web Designing magazine" in 2002. A Shift produced gallery cafe "Soso" has been going well and we had many interesting exhibitions and events there. Also, a community FM program "Noos" is on once a month now. We believe that we could make great strides to shift the real world. We appreciate all your big supports very much. In this New Year issue, we would like to look back the year 2002 with our staff's comments. With best wishes from Shift. COVER INTERVIEW WITH A'+M "A'+M" from Brazil and Venezuela made the first cover design for 2003. Their work was chosen in "Shift Calendar Competition" and their impressive work can be found in February page. Through the interview with them, you would feel their homage to Latin America and an energetic adventurous spirit to accept any challenges. RYAN McGINNESS EXHIBITION From "Gasbook" to "Gas". You might have already seen that this new label has already released many titles from talented creators through "Gas Book" and "Gas DVD". "Gas Shop" opened in Nakamegoro, Tokyo with Gas. The "Ryan McGinness Exhibition" has been at the gallery pace on the first floor of the shop since the 18th of December, 2002 under the title of "This Dream Is So Life-Like". A mural painting with Ryan's trademarks, icons and signs, join paintings, silk screen works and his work from "Gas DVD" are on display. Check out the interview with Ryan McGinness by Taka Kawachi, a curator of this exhibition. OPEN MIND EVENT The "Mori Art Museum" will open in the center of Tokyo in October 2003. As a commemorative release of the CD "Open Mind" (the museum pre open plan) the "Open Mind Live Event" was performed at "Roppongi Hills Information Center/THINK ZONE" December 21. The released CD "Open Mind" introduces the recent trend of sound/noise music and media art produced by young Japanese creators. This CD contains sound works by Keiichiro Shibuya, Kozo Inada, Masami Akita (Merzbow), Aoki Takamasa, Miroque, Portable[k]ommunity, Numb, and Ryoji Ikeda, and software works by Ages 5&UP, Ryota Kuwakubo, Exonemo and Portable[k]ommunity. DOT SOSO#10 Sapporo. Saturday the 28th of December. On one snowy day, a monthly creative event "Dot Soso#10" was held at Soso Cafe. The last guest in 2002 was a musician, Mr Takahiro Chiba's solo unit "Slowly Minute". He has released a CD from Mr. Nobukazu Takemura's label "Childisk" and his natural sounds have received a high evaluation from abroad. It was December 2001 when he moved to Sapporo and released the 2nd album "Tomorrow World'". This album will be released in US in 2003. 2002 (6TH) MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Prize winning works of "Media Arts Festival for Cultural Affairs" were announced on the 19th of November. In this festival, Japanese top media arts in 2002 could be seen. It hits its 6th round in this time and has been building up a position as one of the cores in world's media arts like "Ars Electronica". It is not too much to say that this year's prize-winning works showed us the state that surrounds the current media arts. ART GALLERY BIN This month, new gallery space 'BIN' has launched on cooperation with Abahouse International. BIN is a showcase and repository for artworks in the digital era. It is intended as a place for artists to exhibit and archive their digital artworks. Future plans include compiling contributed artworks on CD-Rom and in printed catalogues and mounting exhibitions in galleries worldwide. Featuring by Minha Yang, currently a graduate student at Seoul National University's Faculty of Crafts and Design INFO-WORLD 064 What's happening around borderground? Correspondents for Shift dwelling on the edge of the world contribute monthly to Info-World. Shift presents your direct source from the borderground culture of the world. Check out the report about Joan Morey Exhibition in Madrid, Humanfive Exhibition report is from Vancouver, and an open-air live report is from Singapore. A warm news for a freezing winteris about a new oriental spa from Vienna and an experimental installation "Co-existence Communication Suite" is from Hong Kong and more... GRAPHIC IN CASE "Graphic in Case" is a new type of design product that contains a graphic magazine and a CD-Rom. It has been released from a Tokyo-based-design-studio "Artless", which is in charge of the editorial designs for "+81" magazine. A graphically designed book and a CD-Rom with photo data, based on photos of Conny Island in Brooklyn, are in this product. SEMI-PERMANENT DESIGN CONFERENCE There is something like "a conference boom" nowadays. In spring this year, a new one will be formed in Sydney, Australia; "Semi- Permanent Design Conference". Various creative fields, such as graphic design, web design, broadcast, illustration, film making and graffiti will be investigated at this conference, which is organized by the design site "Design is Kinky". IdN VIDEO In addition to releasing the magazines "IdN" brought you many conferences in 2002. A video, featuring four creators, is the first good news from IdN in the New Year. Episodes of these 4 creators have already been presented on the Internet by using a broadband audio-visual site "NOW", and you can watch them by the 15th of February (Note: this service is available only for those who has already registered NOW). These 4 episodes got together in this "IdN VIDEO" and it strives to meld graphic design and video production to foster a new media concept. DOT SOSO #11 FEATURING GOKU Come and have fun with us at Dot Soso on the last Saturday of every month. You can enjoy creative collaborations by creators from various genres of art. The next event will be held on Saturday the 25th of January. As the first guest of the year 2003, we have a rapper Goku, who has done many performances and collaborations with other artists such as Yukihiro Fukutomi. Goku released his 2nd album "Time" in October 2002 by inviting "Pentagon", who is well known as a trackmaker of "U.F.O.", as a guest. His hip-hop-based sound harmonized with jazz, electro and dram base in this album. It has been confirmed that he participates in a compilation album, which will be released in March in USA, with DJ Krush, Takkyu Ishino, Yoshinori Sunahara and others. He will give a one-hour-performance in Dot Soso #11. Feel and experience a new music that transcends the genres. PRESENT Presenting CD "Open Mind" that was introduced at "Open Mind Live Event", for 5 people. This CD was made as one of the pre-open projects for "Mori Art Museum", that will be opened in October as a cultural symbol at Roppongi Hills. Eight sound works and four softwares are in this CD. The latest sounds, noise music, digital and media arts of Japanese young creators got together there. A graphic magazine + CD-Rom "Graphic in Case," by "Artless" is another present in this issue for 10 people. The deadline for both presents is the 31st of January.